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The Perfect Christmas Gift

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This time of year is so stressful trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on my Christmas list, especially my husband.

It’s even more stressful when he asks me what I’d like for Christmas. I’ve been so busy trying to think of gifts for everyone else, that I haven’t even thought about what I’d actually like for Christmas. Sound familiar?

This always tends to be the case, as most Moms like me know that we put ourselves on the back burner the majority of the time because we’re too busy worrying about taking care of everyone else and everyone else’s needs and wants, that we always seem to overlook our own.

Well this year was no different, nine days before Christmas and I hadn’t even thought about what I’d actually like, however, my husband always seems to find me the perfect gift.

That gift that I would never have spent the money on myself because you know me, I try to save money on everything I buy because it takes a lot of money to raise three kids and to feed a family of five.

That gift that I really don’t need, however, it would be really nice to have. That gift that is more of a luxury than a necessity. That gift that I’ve been ignoring for the past seven months, since I bought my car. This year it’s the gift of…SiriusXM. Music to my ears, literally!

I was ecstatic! Although it wasn’t a gift wrapped up under the Christmas tree, my husband still surprised me with it. As we were driving down the road, my husband turned the radio to the XM Stations, specifically the Garth Channel and said “Merry Christmas”.

It took me a minute to realize what he said. When I first heard him, I thought he meant there was a free SiriusXM trial for Christmas and I was excited because anytime I can listen to my favorite SiriusXM stations for free it makes my day, but then it dawned on me…he said “Merry Christmas”.

You should have seen the look on my face when I realized what he actually said and want he meant…he just bought me a whole year’s SiriusXM subscription! It was the perfect gift! The gift I definitely wouldn’t have thought of on my own, but one that I’ll definitely use and enjoy!

So if you’re searching for the perfect gift for your loved one, but you aren’t getting any ideas from them, try getting them something they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves, like a SiriusXM subscription. They’ll be excited that you thought of something they really wanted, but wouldn’t have thought to ask you for themselves.



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