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How to Earn CASH BACK With Ebates

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Everyone knows I love saving money, especially on everyday purchases and definitely this time of year with all of the Christmas shopping I need to do!

Why not receive CASH BACK on those purchases?! I can receive CASH BACK on the things I was planning on buying anyway. It’s a Win-Win for me!

I recently did some of my Black Friday shopping online through The biggest item on my shopping list this year was a new flat screen TV for our living room and here’s how I got my new flat screen TV for a great price!

  1. I searched stores online to find the best TV at a great Black Friday price. I found our new TV on, but didn’t add the TV to my shopping cart just yet
  2. I then went to and logged in to my account
  3. I then searched through the stores on to find Walmart which had a 4% CASH BACK offer on purchases
  4. To active my 4% CASH BACK offer for Walmart, I clicked on the ‘Shop Now’ button for the store
  5. Ebates then took me to, where I added my new TV to my shopping cart
  6. My new 55″ Vizio Flat Screen TV was on sale for $398, so my total with tax and free site to store pick up was $426.86
  7. I then purchased my new 55″ Vizio Flat Screen TV from Walmart for $426.86
  8. Since I activated my 4% CASH BACK offer for Walmart through, my final total cost for my 55″ Vizio Flat Screen TV was $410.94, a SAVINGS of $15.92!
  9. Ebates will send me a check in February 2018 (Ebates CASH BACK checks are mailed quarterly) for a total of $15.92, that I can cash or deposit and use however I please. It’s FREE CASH BACK!

In addition to my CASH BACK of $15.92, if I were a NEW Ebates Member and this were my first purchase through Ebates, I would have also received an additional $10 Welcome Bonus from Ebates either in the form of a $10 Walmart Gift Card or a $10 Ebates Cash Bonus!

Since I LOVE Ebates and want to share it with all of you, I have included my Ebates Referral Link so you can ENROLL TODAY to become a member.  By clicking on my Ebates Referral Link, once you become a member, if you make minimum qualifying purchases totaling at least $25 within 90 days of becoming a member, you’ll receive your $10 Welcome Bonus and be on your way to a history of CASH BACK like me.

I’ll also receive a $25 referral bonus for referring you (this applies to the first three referrals, the referral bonus is $5 after that) and you’ll also be on your way to receiving $25 for the first three of your friends and family you refer to with the referral bonus being $5 thereafter.

To show you how much has benefited myself and my family, to date my Lifetime CASH BACK with Ebates is $168.38! That’s an extra $168.38 in my pocket with no extra effort on my part, all I did was shop through and they sent me CASH BACK checks in the mail.

So if you haven’t already, I highly recommended signing up with Ebates, you’re going to make those online purchases anyway, why not receive some CASH BACK while you’re at it!

Happy Shopping & Saving!!


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