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I. LOVE. PICTURES.  Especially pictures of my kids.  I also love those super cute canvas pictures that you can buy at the store, but what do I dislike about pictures?  Hanging them.  I absolutely hate the thought of putting numerous holes in my walls.

Since building our new house, I’ve discovered a much better way to hang our pictures without damaging our freshly painted walls. The solution…Command Picture Hanging Strips!

The strips are amazing!  They come in three different sizes: Small, Medium and Large and each package tells you how much weight the strips can hold.

The Large Command Picture Hanging Strips hold up to 16 lbs, the Medium Command Picture Hanging Strips hold up to 12 lbs and the Small Command Picture Hanging Strips hold up to 4 lbs.

Depending on the size and weight of the picture, you have a choice as to which size of Command Picture Hanging Strips you’re going to use.  So once you’ve determined what size of strips you’re going to use, use the following steps to hang your pictures in no time:

  1. Assemble The Strips Into Sets  Each strip has a velcro side and a sticky side and in order to get the strips to adhere to both your picture and the wall, you must take two strips and press the two velcro sides together until they “click”, making a set of strips.
  2. Determine How Many Sets To Use & Where You’re Going To Place Them  Once you have your sets put together, determine how many sets you’re going to need to hang your picture.  Once you’ve determined the number of sets you’re going to use, position them on the back of your picture to determine where you want them to go.
  3. Position The Strips Onto Your Picture  After you’ve determined where you’re going to place your sets, remove the paper from one of the strips.  Place the sticky side of the strip onto the back of your picture.  Repeat for the remainder of the sets you’re going to use, making sure you only remove the paper from one of the strips in the set, not both.
  4. Determine Where To Hang Your Picture  Now it’s time to determine where you’re going to hang your picture on your wall.  Once you’ve determined where you’re going to hang your picture, make sure your placement is exactly where you want it to be, then remove the paper from the wall side of your strips.
  5. Tack Your Picture Onto The Wall  It’s now time to hang your picture! Position the picture back on the wall and gently press the strips onto the wall for about 2 seconds each, just to “tack” them onto the wall.
  6. Adjust Your Picture If Needed  Now step back and admire your work! If for some reason you determine that your picture isn’t straight, even or exactly where you want it to be, gently pull the picture and strips back off the wall.  You can then re-position the picture where you want it on the wall.
  7. Press The Picture & Strips Firmly Onto The Wall  Once the picture is exactly where you want it to be, press firmly on the strips for about 30 seconds to adhere the strips to the wall.
  8. Admire Your Picture  That’s it, you’re done.  You can now admire your picture and admire how easy it was to hang your picture using the Command Picture Hanging Strips!

Now that you know how easy it is to hang pictures on your walls, you’ll have all your pictures hung in no time and without putting unnecessary holes in your walls!

I can tell you, that since I started using the Command Picture Hanging Strips I’ve hung a lot more pictures and signs on our walls because I no longer have to search for the hammer, nails and stud finder each time I want to hang something!  All I do is grab my handy Command Picture Hanging Strips and the rest is history!

Pictures that used to sit around our old house collecting dust because I dreaded having to put another hole in our plaster walls are now beautifully displayed on our new walls!

Now that you know there’s a much better option for hanging your pictures and signs, what are you going to hang first?

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